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Company Profile

We, Hindustan Portable Cabins, from Hyderabad, Telangana, claim to be your right choice for availing various prefab solutions. Among our offerings are Portable Toilets, Office Containers and Bunk Houses. With our commitment to environmental and social causes, we have attracted 1500+ eco conscious and socially conscious customers from different parts of India.

Maintaining Safety

As our employees work around the work in complex environments, we promote their safety at our manufacturing facility, and our delivery, loading and unloading locations. We also adopt proper waste disposal measures and advocate the concept of recycle and reuse.

Our Quality

Sustainable construction, especially relevant to the manufacturing of prefab structures encompasses various practices that not only promote a healthier environment for a better tomorrow but also enhance both interior and exterior spaces of current times. Central to this endeavor is the creation of energy-efficient structures. While energy conservation partly stems from individual daily habits, true energy efficiency goes beyond that. It is much more than simply switching off a light when leaving a room. In short, sustainable construction integrates energy efficiency into the core of the structure of the buildings.

The concept of modern portable buildings, also known as knock-down buildings dates to 1955 when the United States company Porta-Kamp pioneered the change. The first portable building that was named as Porta cabins emerged in 1961 in York, United Kingdom, thanks to the efforts of Mr. Donald Shepherd.

Today, portable modular buildings, including Portable Cabins, Office Containers, etc., serve a myriad of purposes. They frequently are used as temporary on-site offices at remote construction sites, sometimes stacked in two levels featuring a metal staircase that gives access to the upper floor. At times, these prefabs also serve as guard shacks, and on-site changing rooms, among others. Multiple structures and units are often joined through complex configurations to create extensive office blocks, sometimes spanning several floors. They can be fabricated to almost look like conventional buildings, with brick-style cladding and traditional pitched roofs. Notably, initiatives like Tara Park by Liverpool City Council have made use of portable buildings to provide temporary and permanent housing that complies with UK building regulations and ensure disabled access.

Highly functional portable buildings are frequently deployed in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions for ease of operations, and to alleviate overcrowding. Partition wall between rooms and restroom facilities are often integrated into the structures for better functionality. We excel in providing such structures outfitted with customizable amenities as demanded by buyers.

We Set the Gold Standard in Quality & How?

We, Hindustan Portable Cabins, have set benchmarks of quality excellence in our field and surpassed many competitors by adhering well to international industry standards while fabricating our range of prefab structures. We employ cutting-edge technology to tailor products to meet diverse client requirements and industry-specific needs. We strive to build sturdy, reliable, and low-cost products for commercial, residential, and various applications nationwide, complying to our set quality standards. Our motto is to offer solutions that efficiently bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical implementation in the field of prefabrication, open new growth avenues for our firm, and overtake all big and small competitors that work alongside us in this domain.

Key Facts of Hindustan Portable Cabins

Nature of Business

Manufacturer, Supplier




Hyderabad, Telangana

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Kotak Mahindra Bank

Annual Turnover

INR 25 Crore