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Collaborate with one of the most trusted manufacturers of Security Cabins, Bunk Houses, Office Containers, etc.

Looking for exceptional quality and innovation in Portable Cabins, Security Cabins, Office Containers, Portable Toilets, Prefabricated Farmhouses, etc.? Then contact the service experts of Hindustan Portable Cabins, all of whom have rich expertise in fabricating and offering the most diverse selections of temporary and semi-permanent structures within budget and timelines as specified by the client. As a forward-looking manufacturer and supplier of prefab buildings and structures, one that wishes to carve indelible marks in its segment, the company hires almost 300 employees who are strategically placed to cover most states and regions in India. They are competent to extend local support, and aid in the seamless supply, distribution, and installation of various prefab products made by the company at competitive rates. Valuable feedback for product and service improvements are timely taken, which adds another feather to the professionalism of the company and its dedication to serve clients to the best of its abilities.

We have attracted many customers from different regions of India who come to us seeking quality assured prefabs solutions. Therefore, an extensive range of prefab structures and systems is manufactured at the scalable production facility of our company in Hyderabad, Telangana. Short lead times are maintained for all orders, irrespective of order quantity or size. Whether an order is placed for a simple, small portable toilet with basic amenities, or the most unique and fully customizable farmhouse, the seasoned CAD/CAM designers, structural engineers, and project managers of our company work unitedly to complete projects that can be fully assured for quality as per international standards. Even the most professional after sale service for Installation and Maintenance of various prefab structures are offered from the same facility where we appoint some of the most competent experts at our after sales department. In short, customers associated with Hindustan Portable Cabins receive far more than a mere finished product. They get all-comprehensive, exemplary service, from conception to completion.

If interested in getting your hands on prefabs that can be easily adapted to project, climate, and environmental factors, then unhesitatingly contact one of our experienced experts today! Our team would be right at your service. Our service excellence is one of the many factors that have helped us stay relevant and competitive in the domain, and we wholeheartedly welcome you to experience it.

Quality Certification

Many companies follow strategic initiatives to attain formal recognition for the quality they preach and practice. There are various standards that are expected to be adhered to by companies operating in different sectors. For being a leading business in the field of prefab construction that unflinchingly conforms to prescribed applicable standards and norms, we too have attained MSME and ISO certification. Because of our deep commitment to quality, safety, environmental responsibility as a manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated structures, we have been awarded with the coveted ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate in 2021.

Our Clients/Customers

The success and reputation of a business gets reflected in the clients who count on its expertise for bettering their own businesses. Many of our customers have shown their loyalty and goodwill by becoming our long-term patrons. A few of our marquee clients and repeat customers whom we celebrate and cherish are as follows:

  • RAMK Group
  • Jain Construction
  • Wipro
  • Navya Developers
  • Sterling & Wilson
  • OLA
  • ReNew Power
  • Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd.
  • L&T
  • CBRE 
  • Sobha
  • GAR, and many more.

Our Infrastructure

One of the fundamental pillars that strengthens our stance as a manufacturer of products like Portable Cabins, Security Cabins, Office Containers, Portable Toilets, Prefabricated Farmhouses, etc., is our large and spacious infrastructural setup. The way it has been designed integrating the best physical layout and technological resources have paved way for us to attain great cost savings, and a higher rate of business productivity. We also bank on it for assuring faster delivery of our products or services. The setup is also scalable, meaning we can expand it to accommodate evolving needs of our growing business. Be it human resources, finances allocated, technology installed, or the physical assets, everything can be upgraded as per the fluctuating market needs and ever-changing consumer demands.

Our Manufacturing Area

We eliminate the likelihood of unexpected production setbacks and financial losses by managing a purpose-built manufacturing unit. It is one of our most valuable assets and can be rightly called the backbone of our infrastructure. Outfitted with world class resources, it helps us manufacture products in bulk, warrant on-time order deliveries, and assure consistent quality on products that are customized as per the preference of the buyer. The setup also helps us pivot quickly in response to market shifts and manufacture innovative products in line with changing technology. 

Our Warehouse

A well-structured and well-managed warehousing facility is not just a support system; it is a strategic investment that can fetch good returns on the long run. It can enhance agility and empower the organization to seize good business opportunities arising from bulk order requests. When a dedicated space is allocated for storing inventory, it acts as a buffer so that products can be retrieved and released in the market without any delay when their demand surges. Quicker order fulfillment and shorter delivery times have been our forte, and we owe these USPs to our strategically built warehouse.

Our Team

Supported by a team of almost 300 employees, we have entered new markets over the years and have met client needs for Portable Cabins, Security Cabins, Office Containers, Portable Toilets, Prefabricated Farmhouses, etc., from across industries and geographies. Our talented people, including engineers, CAD/CAM experts, quality evaluators, researchers, technicians, sales and marketing executives, etc., have always delivered their best, helping us maintain our competitiveness in the market of prefab buildings and structures.

Our Principles/Why Choose Us?

We have underlined many achievable goals to herald long term prosperity for our business. Be it increasing our market share, improving our bottom line, getting support of preeminent customers who advocate the quality of our products or brand HPC, we ensure we do everything within our means to solidify our positioning as a trusted manufacturer and seller of prefab solutions. USPs we leverage for sustaining our edge are:

  • We deliver personalized prefab solutions tailored to the individual needs of clients. 
  • We hone our skills so that we build and supply products that deliver exceptional value to clients through their functionality, form, and service life. 
  • We bring competitively priced products that are built to suit needs of different individuals and industries.
  • We emphasize punctuality, delivering every small, big, and customized order with equal speed and agility. 
  • We strictly follow our rigid environment-friendly initiatives and engage in responsible manufacturing practices so that we can contribute to the growth of the environment.